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Don't I Know It Now

How I entered this world
Wailing, another life to deliver
A small nest, a short tree
wings that cannot fly far
love no predator can steal

Like water lilies
rupturing the water
invasive though
seemingly floating, resting
You can see me as you walk
in your line of sight
I was there, briefly
Do you remember?

No high mountain at midnight
Only a memory I can feel
in passing; am I a reflection
or did I think of something to say?

There is no shape or color,
erosion of the soil or even a rock;
though you recognize the trail
you cannot decide if it’s the same one
It’s usually the same except for time

You remember one thing
But I’ve become another
Not so fragile, able to take it
That’s not a lack of love
You’re a strong woman now
You won’t cry first
I won’t cry at all

That's not true
All I can do is lie
when it comes to you
Don't I know it now
Light the candles
I'll be walking past