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Poems & Poetry About Never, Not Ever Giving Up On Love -Please Believe, I Don't Want To Give Up On Us - We Can Make It


Don't give up on us

Before we've even begun

Just because you're afraid

Of things yet to come.

Take hold of my hand

See yourself as I do,

Believe when I say

I've enough faith for two.

Don't trade me for doubt

The doubt is not real,

Besides, it's no match

For the love that I feel.

There is nothing stronger

Than this bond that we share,

Not those who wish to destroy

Or the crosses we bear.

Can stand up against

The magic of us,

We can slay any dragon

And turn it to dust.

Close your eyes to the darkness,

Close your ears to the lies,

Don't let go of my heart,

Happiness is the prize.

Don't give up on us

Because I don't want to go,

You have my heart,

You're half of my soul.

If you tried to make me

I wouldn't be able to leave,

You're as necessary to me

As the air that I breathe.

So don't break my heart,

In this you can trust

I love you forever

Please don't give up on us.

© 2011 Kristen Burns-Darling

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