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Don't Close Your Eyes On This Kiss

Don’t close your eyes on this kiss
Let me see all the way to your soul
I already know what I will find
The things that make us whole

There’s no reason to hide it
I’m wanting what I can cherish
Openly and plainly, yes, like that
It is our romance I will nourish

Can you feel how much I love you?
Is there any question, no there’s not
I’ll lift both our hearts in front of you
I’ll do it if it’s too hard to give all you got

I hope you now have what you never had
I can say girl that it’s the same for me
It’s not about spending time with someone
It’s the way our love feels like a movie

I never knew a bottomless ocean
But I’m going deeper and deeper baby
I will go as far as my lungs can take it
When they burst I’ll know you’re my lady

I want to do the things that please you baby
The things that are the secrets of loving a man
I have a need to satisfy you in every way
Let me show you that I’m the one who can

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