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Don't Blame Me Before You Know The story

Omar Mohamed Eldamsheety, Egyptian poet...Born in 21 August 1978 in Tanta, Egypt...Graduated from Faculty of Engineering in 2000.

Don't blame me, I was not born as you see.
I was just a lover who loves to write poetry.
I saw a Mermaid sadly dancing in the Sea.
All that I wanted is to make her life happy.

I was just a poet who didn't listen to his mind.
I forgot all that wise men said about mermaids.
I sent my songs with seabirds and with the wind.
But I didn't understand the screams of the seabirds.

She cried painfully and sang a fairy song.
About a girl who was made of pure love.
And a man with a big mind and a golden ring.
But his heart was empty, he has no love to give.

For years she was silent and her pain was hidden.
And She tried to live and forget her lovely dream.
All her heart, her mind, and her body were given.
But his Sun didn't send to her sky even one beam.

One day while she was waiting for the Moon.
A wolfman with magic words captured her heart.
He succeeded only because she was alone.
Not Because she was weak or he was smart.

From that day her life is hell, she is dying slowly.
She asked me with a smile to dive into her sea.
All that I wanted was to make her live happily.
What happened was that I became as you see.

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