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Don’t Be Discouraged of Starting All Over

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


After the lockdown has been eased in my country, I started opening the shop, but there

Is no sales, everything is dull and this day, having been in the shop for about 10 hours with

No sales, I became down casted looking morose and dour, then, I stepped outside the shop

To take fresh air. As I was outside taken fresh air, then I noticed an ant struggling to carry

An object inside into their house, since there is nothing pressing that I was attending to, I

Decided to pay close attention to this ant remembering what the Wisest King and perhaps

Human who ever lived as documented in the Holy Bible that, Go to the ant, thou

Sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.” I thence decided to do what the King says by

Not moving away quickly from where I was but stepping aside to pay rapt attention to this

Ant as it is struggling with the objects that it wants to carry. I want to know how he will

Carry the object. About 3 minutes after this, the ant seems to find a way to carrying the object

And it starts carrying it, well I was thinking it would drag it into some underground holes for

There be many of such outside my shop environ, but it did not do that as it was carrying

The object uphill, it was climbing a wall and dragging the objects along. He continued in

This status for about four minutes and it was about to get to the top of the wall that it was

Dragging the food to when the thing fell off its mouth and its fore legs with which it was

Using to carry and roll the thing along. When the thing fell off the ant, I started looking at

What its reaction to the nasty incident will be like. And I saw that it ran here and there for

A while obviously confused of what had befallen it. As it was searching for the thing,

But the thing it was carrying has fell to the ground, the floor where it has been taken before

After running here and there for a while without seeing the thing it was carrying, it started to

Run back to the ground floor where it has taken off to look for the thing again. After time

And times of searching for it on the ground floor, it locates the thing again as like it was at

The initial time, it took it sometimes before it could overcome how to carry the object that

Is heavier than it again. after overcoming the obstacles and discovering the means of

Carrying the object, it started carrying it to the top. The route which it was taken this time

Differs from the route it took at the initial time. The course of movement at the initial time

Was relatively a straight-line course, but this time around, the course of movement was

Not straight at all, thereby avoiding some of the things that it has passed across at the initial

Time. When it was about to get to the top of the wall, the thing almost fell off again and it

The Ants Go Marching - Children's Song with Lyrics - Animated Cartoon | Kids Academy

Exercises some patience in the way it was moving, not allowing for it to fell off its mouth

And the legs with which it was rolling the thing on. After a while of doing this, it starts to

Move again, and now it was able to carry it to the top of the wall on a flattened surface, from

Whence it was able to drag it into the hole where it is living alongside with others. After

Seeing this, I started reflecting on what I have saw. I remembered a friend who was at the

Verge of completing his academics that had problems and he was unable to complete the

Academics. Because of all he has passed through because he has been doing manual labor

To sponsor himself because his parents had died and all the properties his parents left behind

His relatives have converted them to theirs’. He has nothing with which to sponsor himself

Again and because of the depression which he suffered he was unable to do well in the

Academics during the examination period and he failed his papers, and thus he was asked

To withdraw by the Authorities of the institution. Which pushes him into more depressive

Mood. Then some of his friends had come to him to counsel him, but he was too sad

As he rejected all forms of comforting words that those people were offering him, for he

Says what was in his mind is graduating from the institution.

When those people tell him that it is not over for him because he is yet alive it is those

Who are dead who cannot become a graduate, it means that what he would have achieved

Within some months has been shifted forward for him, but he does not want to listen to

Them because he does not want to start all over again like the ant has started all over

Again after the object it was pulling fell off from him. This is a real lesson I tell myself,

One should learn that it is not over until it is over, when one falls one should endeavor to

Rise again as the bible says that For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up

again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief. Then I come to my senses too, saying to

Myself that though the sales is dull after the ease down of the lockdown, but things will still

Pick up again, and I should not be discouraged I need to always encourage myself, and

Not to back out like others have been backing out., I should always look forward to a

Brighter tomorrow, for as long as there is life, there will always be hope, it is the dead that

No longer has hope…

Note: Bible Quotation

Proverbs 6:6 and 24:16


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