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Don't Be Afraid Of The Storm (Poetry)

Just another teenager but still with an understanding I believe. And I am what I believe.


Don't be afraid of the storm

Just know he's holding your hand

It's only wind in a certain form

So in firm faith, you need to stand

Close your eyes

See with your spirit

The one who's above the skies

Has got no limit

When waves scare you

Don't forget you're his daughter

When you're in deep blue

He'll make you walk on the water

When darkness surrounds you

When light can't be seen

You don't have any clue

He's making you a vessel so clean

Don't live in bondage

‘Cause he died to set you free

You'll no more be held hostage

‘Cause in his Name the evils flee

Why trust that mere human?

Why cry because of them?

Go to your father, men and women

He’ll treat you all like a gem

He's always been there

You were too lost to see

He protected you from the devil's snare

Laid his life to set you free

He laid his life to set you free

Jesus laid his life to set you free

We as Christians, sometimes just forget how real God is. We forget how mighty his right hand is. We forget the power of his Word.

And that's why our soul grows weary sometimes. That's why we think we're in too deep to be saved. That's why we turn ourselves from God.

Don't do that, he's there looking at you from heaven and waiting for you to let him solve all your problems, let him set you free, let him comfort you, let him rebuke you.

Hope you liked it.

Thankyou for reading :)

God bless you.


© 2019 Diksha Shakya

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