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Done With You


Why Bother

I honestly fell inlove
When I saw your face
Trapped in between time and space
The moment that you walked away

I truly wanted to make a way
To be your man some day
Taking away all the heartache
Forgetting the past heartbreaks

Slowly make you realize
That there was a ripple in time
Finally a chance to call you mine
After that other guy

But as days and months have passed
You created a huge gap
No matter what I say or do
It just wouldn't feel new to you

We used to talk so much
Even if time wouldn't permit us
Adjusting to your morning
Even if it's my evening

I wouldn't let a moment pass
Just to let the moment last
But I can only do so much
So that we wouldn't lose touch

Then again, would I be enough
If you couldn't feel the spark
I could light up the world
Yet you choose to stay in the dark

Take the fall
Just for you to watch
End it all
Even if you didn't feel much

I tried poetry and sweet messages
Even hand written letters and images
Yet I still fall short of something
Something very important

That's if you are even ready
I was willing to wait and sacrifice
All my efforts and time
But would it be worth it

After all, you aren't ready to commit
Would I wait till the end
Knowing that we are just friends
Risking it all to see

The end of our story...

© 2018 The Emotional Author

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