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Done Her Wrong

Hi! I write poetry, related or not to my life. So enjoy reading!


Love has done her so wrong. She's been hurt. Broken. Shattered to pieces. But what can she do? Other than being hurt again and again. What can she do? when all of it was her fault? She didn't know how to wait. She entertained guys who likes her. She didn't value herself. Nor did she even love herself. The day he came, She was overwhelmed. She didn't expect the trouble that came along with it. But she then once again, became an easy fish to catch. He made her realize that to be able to love another, is to love herself first. He helped her grow. She too helped him grow. Something about him was different. Like even though she wanted to give up. But something, just pulls her towards him. And she let herself fall. Now she's learning new things from him. He slapped her with words, none could ever tell it to her face. And that was what she loved about him. He's speaks the truth, no matter how much hurt it could cause. She is thankful to have him. And she's falling a bit more for him everyday. Together they grow.

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