Donald Trump does not know the meaning of Disrespect [A Poem called Disrespecting The..]

Updated on December 5, 2017
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Old school poet. Loves rhymes. Loves Comics, Manga and Anime. Terrible at doodles. Fighting Depression, Dysthymia and Anxiety.

Kage Doodles [ Disrespecting The ]
Kage Doodles [ Disrespecting The ]

Disrespecting The...

Disrespect is walking out, Not kneeling down.
Disrespect is not doing your job and smiling while others frown.
Disrespect is promising solutions and not even trying to fail.
Disrespect is leading the glorious with an ego that’s pompous and frail.

Disrespect is taking the flowers to the sky and not sowing them back.
Disrespect is ignoring the cries for the people behind it lack.
Disrespect is bricks of lies that become steps to walk to the top.
Disrespect is not knowing when to stop.

Disrespect is muting expressions with power and threats that coax.
Disrespect is distracting a fight with a well timed sensational hoax.
Disrespect is insulting an argument before both sides could be heard.
Disrespect is not standing by your word.

Disrespect is knowing a consequence and blatantly making the move.
Disrespect is then telling others to adjust to your groove.
Disrespect is blowing your horn for a privilege you got by chance.
Disrespect is telling others to simply change their circumstance.

Disrespect is calling your limbs inferior for not being the head.
Disrespect is expecting them to still work while wishing they’re dead.
Disrespect is you constantly redefining the view.
Disrespect is you.

© 2017 C W Kage


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    • cwkage profile image

      C W Kage 11 days ago

      Thank you so much.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 11 days ago from london

      Very good poetry. Cleverly done.