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Don the Donkey - A Children's Poem


Don the Donkey and his merry band

The exciting adventures which Don the Donkey and all his friends have while living in Wondersand.

Wondersand is where you will meet all of Don the Donkeys many friends.

Come and meet…

Fallon the Fawn

Maribel the Otter

Brayden the Old Snowy Owl

Thaddeus the Polar Bear

Seraphina the Seal

Mireya the Snow Tiger

Rylan the Golden Eagle

Imogen the Swan

Tamsyn the Turtle

Serendipity the Panda Bear

Grace the Hummingbird

Coral the Angel Fish

Acheron the Artic Wolf

Arian the Octopus

Sharmela the Squirrel

Kalene the Kingfisher

Jaelyn the Hamster

Kaden the Dolphin

Rowan the Reindeer

All are happy to be your friends

Don the Donkey

Verse 1

Just along a road from Ayr,

There’s a place that people stop and stare.

Where down is up and up is down,

And all who visit never frown.

Verse 2

But what those people do not know,

There’s a secret path where they cannot go.

Down the bank and through the trees,

Where honey is made by busy Bees.

Verse 3

Then one summer’s day a little Giraffe,

Walked quietly down the secret path.

When from the bushes he suddenly heard a hissing sound,

To the little Giraffe it sounded a little strange so he turned around.

Verse 4

I’m Anna the Anaconda it said with a hiss and a sigh,

Why are you here because I can’t let you go by?

The little Giraffe was then quite startled to see,

A dark green snake slide round from behind a tree.

Verse 5

I’m Griff Graff the little Giraffe and I’ve a happy tale for Don,

If you let me tell it to him then I’ll quickly be gone.

Anna was wary and looked Griff in the eye,

She stared for a while then said with a hissy sigh.

Verse 6

But Griff for someone quite so small,

Your legs are really very tall.

And your neck is also very high,

I’m sure you nearly touch the sky.

Verse 7

I guard the entrance to Wondersand,

To make sure that only the good can enter this land.

Many have got lost as they tried to sneak passed,

They may have got in if only they’d asked.

Verse 8

What can I say said Griff Graff with a smile?

Except to see the good in me I’ll stay a while.

You know that everyone has one true friend,

That will see them through to the end.

Verse 9

Anna was pleased to hear that Griff understood,

That always helping others is very good.

So with a happy tear in her eye,

She said that Griff could go by.

Verse 10

First you must pass under the ancient trees of pine,

And then across the wobbly bridge made from twine,

Finally you must walk along the old seashell track,

Just remember to never look back.

Verse 11

Come to the coast and you will see,

The blue and white waters of the sea.

In the golden dunes so grand,

There you will find don in Wondersand.

Verse 12

Everyone lives there in a land made of sand,

All kept safe by don and his band.

So go Griff Graff the little Giraffe and follow the trail,

To Don and the animals and tell them your happy tale.

Verse 13

So off Griff Graff set on his path to Wondersand,

Under the ancient trees of pine which looked so grand.

Across the wobbly bridge which wobbled quite a lot,

Along the seashell path as Wondersand he sought.

Verse 14

Then he came to a golden beach by the sea,

A peaceful land where all the animals want to be.

With houses were built of sand, shells and rock,

Where all are happy and along the sand by the sea they love to walk.

Verse 15

Little Griff Graff had some trouble walking through the sand,

Then he saw Don and said hello and Don said welcome to my land.

Griff said I’m here to tell you all a happy tale of Wondersand,

Thank you Don said to Griff we love to hear stories of our land.

Verse 16

But first, come and meet all my friends Griff said Don,

Shy and beautiful this is Fallon the Fawn.

Maribel the Otter loves to play in the seaweed,

And Brayden the Old Snowy Owl likes to read.

Verse 17

Now will you meet Thaddeus the Polar Bear?

Seraphina the Seal sometimes likes a dare.

Mireya the Snow Tiger would play all day,

While Rylan the Golden Eagle soars far away.

Verse 18

A graceful bow will say hello to Imogen the Swan,

Tamsyn the Turtle can often be found swimming at dawn.

Who likes to eat bamboo? Why it’s Serendipity the Panda Bear,

Meet Grace the Hummingbird who floats softly in the air.

Verse 19

Little Coral the Angel Fish is a colourful delight,

Acheron the Arctic Wolf likes to howl at night.

Arian the Octopus has six arms and two legs,

While Sharmela the Squirrel doesn’t like eggs.

Verse 20

Look at Kalene the Kingfisher and all her colours gleaming,

Jaelyn the Hamster sleeps often and is usually dreaming.

Kaden the Dolphin swims gracefully through the sea,

Finally meet Rowan the Reindeer who roams these lands free.

Verse 21

Cercyon the king of the Crabs then appeared on a slippery rock,

Side-ways of course as that how crabs walk.

Standing tall he looked at all his friends gathered around,

Watching a little long legged creature standing on the ground.

Verse 22

All were now gathered around to hear what the little Giraffe had to say,

On this bright and beautiful setting sun kissed day.

Deep shadows were falling on the land as all waited for his words,

Every animal was enchanted as he started to speak even the birds.

Verse 23

Here me everyone for I’m the storyteller of Castle Cold,

My tales will only make you shiver but they will still be told.

With smoke and flame and burning red eyes,

Now you will hear my foggy horn like cries.

Verse 24

Suddenly with a higgledy piggledy and a spin round and round,

Griff became Draken the Dragon and stamped on the ground.

With fiery breath and a foggy horn like sound,

The Dragon’s flames could be seen for miles around.

Verse 25

Don knew of Draken the Dragon, who hated anyone being cheerful,

His land of Castle Cold is filled by fire and flame where all are fearful.

No one there feels the sea breeze or spray of the ocean,

Just a dark and barren land without any emotion.

Verse 26

Most of the animals were afraid as the Dragon’s fires blew,

But Don, Cercyon, Grace and Imogen knew what to do.

They approached the fiery Dragon and looked to the sky,

They called out to Brayden for his words wise and true,

As in the past they knew he would know what to do.

Verse 27

Old Snowy Owl what was it you used to say?

Don and friends; take lots of deep sea breaths every day.

And then you can blow the Dragons away,

Then we can all go back and play on this glorious day.

Verse 28

So Don and his friends each took a big breath from the sea,

Holding it in for a while before breathing out is the key.

Then together they turned towards the Dragon growing higher,

And blew as hard as they could towards the Dragon breathing fire.

Verse 29

Then water poured from the sky and Draken’s flames were gone,

The foggy horn sounding voice was now like a rasping yawn.

The Dragon then turned to a cloud of dust blown by the breeze,

Making all those around have a little sneeze.

Verse 30

Then all the animals cheered Don and his little band,

For saving them and the wonderful Wondersand.

Maybe other adventurers in the future lie ahead,

But for now it’s time for your bed.

Verse 31

Happily tucked up in their beds cosy, warm and counting sheep,

The animals of Wondersand drifted gently of to sleep.

While across the sky the white Moon strolled,

Lighting the sand like a beautiful sea of gold.

© 2018 Brian OldWolf

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