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Dog Eared Joe and Cat-Cat and the Lost Bone - a Children’s Story

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.


Dog Eared Joe was in quite a tizzy

He ran and ran till he felt really dizzy

Oh where, oh where, was his favorite big bone

It wasn’t in his bed, it was long gone

He checked around his house not once but twice

All he found for his trouble was a few stray mice

He played with the big bone all day yesterday

Where it was before that he couldn’t quite say


He ran out the dog door into the front yard

His knew his bone couldn’t have gone very far

He looked by the front fence and big a tree

All he found was a brown toad named Gripee

He ran round and round his owners flower garden

There he met a brown hare named Miss Darden

“Have you seen my favorite big bone dear miss hare

”No I have not seen you big bone. I haven’t seen it anywhere. Not here or not there.”

Miss hare turned and went on her way, hop, hop

Joe dropped down to the ground with a big plop

He had to sit and try to think things through

Oh what should he, oh what should he now do


He jumped up “I know.” He said. “I’ll check out back.”

“I went out there today after my owner gave me a snack.”

Just then he spied Cat - Cat as she came into his view

Dog Eared Joe, “What’s the problem ? What’s a matter with you.”

Joe looked at her. He took in a deep, deep breath.”

”Pardon me dear Cat - Cat but I have no time to rest.

I have no time to stop and have some idle chit chat

With you my dear and long time friend Cat - Cat


I must keep on till my favorite big bone is found.

So all over this yard I’ll bound and bound.”

Cat - Cat said, “Don’t fret I’ll help you my friend.

You know on me you can always depend.

How about if I go over and climb up the big tree

From up there I‘ll be able to see what I can see”

So Cat - Cat went over, climbed the tree in a bound.

From her spot way up high she looked all around


She gazed from the front to the back yard

She looked near and then she looked far

Then a thing far off caught her two cat eyes

Joe‘s big dog bone is what she suddenly did spy

Cat - Cat jumped out of the tree with a bound

She ran and ran until Dog Eared Joe she’d found

“I’ve seen your bone, Joe. I know where it resides

So come follow me. Stay closely by my side.

Cat - Cat set out, she set out in a flash

Across the yard the two friends did dash

Around the birdbath, by a squirrel named Louie

Through the flower garden, back to the tree

“Wait, said Joe, “Where’s my favorite big bone”

”Oh it’s right here, laying by itself, all alone

Joe looked at his bone, “Thank you Cat -Cat

For finding where my bone was truly at.

Joe picked up his bone in his grinning wide snout

Then along with Cat - Cat trotted back to the house.

He took the bone, placed it under his soft dog bed

Then he and Cat - Cat curled up, laid down their heads.

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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