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Dog Days of Summer Per Brenda's Prompt

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Brenda Arledge's 27th Prompt

Brenda Arledge has done so many of us a favor mu encouraging us to write poetry, or to simply write a story based on a prompt. She has been a wonderful friend to us all by following our work and giving us feedback.

I have enjoyed writing poetry after so many years. Summer is the new prompt. Summer brought many memories back to me, as I loved summertime when I was a child and especially when I was a teenager. My best friend and I spent many many hours at the pool.

My family would go on picnics. My father would cook food on the grill. My mother made awesome potato salad. We always had plenty of food. We played baseball and when I was young we played on the playground. We swam, laughed and played.

I have written three types of poems based on summer.

Acrostic Poem

Sweating as the sun shines bright

Until the sun sets we will endure

Much we love about the sun’s light

Many happy memories made for sure

Each sweaty day is still a delight

Richly sun tanned our joy is pure

Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald

Summertime Sonnet

Summertime is when memories are made

Swimming, picnics and fun in the hot sun

Picnics with family we want to stay

Laughing and playing all day so much fun

Summer can be a wonderful good time

Swimming and diving is just so divine

Lying in the sun poolside is no crime

Suntans turning red is surely a sign

When I was a child I wanted to play

Each awesome picnic I wanted to stay

Sirius - Bright Star at Bottom of Hubble Photo

Sirius - Bright Star at Bottom of Hubble Photo

Dog Days of Summer

Heliacal rising of the Sirius star system

Watch the eastern horizon see it shine

Sirius no longer hiding behind the hot sun

The promise of a hot summer is just fine

The days are longer as summer heats up

Hellenistic astrology predicts a hot phase

Sirius the brightest star in the dark night

Lethargy, exhaustion with scorching days

The tilt of the earth makes days longer

Longer days are still never a shocker

Still loving to swim and play in the sun

Sunscreen a must for a son or a daughter

Fresh vegetables and fruit due to the sun

Watermelon a treat at a picnic for fun

Cooking hamburgers on backyard grills

Outside at dawn jogging or a quick run

Thunderstorms or drought in summer sun

Mad dogs, bad luck, sunburned till numb

Living each day with our air conditioning

The hottest days days are yet to come


Dog Days of Summer Explained (with dogs)

Summer Poems

© 2021 Pamela Oglesby

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