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Does It Really Matter?

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.


Rich or poor, the color of your skin, where you stay, which house you live in, whatever the factor may be it should not matter to you and me.

All we have to do is remember that we all have the same blood coursing through our body.

We live because our hearts beat, we live because we breathe, and we are here because our Maker has brought us into planet Earth to celebrate the true meaning of life and to make this world a great place to be.

Here is my poem capturing all my thoughts.

Does it matter to you?

Who I am and what I do

Does it matter to you?

Where I’m from

How rich I am

And which class

I belong to

Does it matter to you?

How I dress

Which car I own

Which cell phone I have

How much I spend

On my weekend

Does it matter to you?

What caste I am

What is the color of my skin

What class I belong to

Frankly, I do not understand

This one thing I know for sure

We are all human beings

On planet earth

Does it really matter??

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