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Does Your Cat have More Energy Than You?

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At First I Thought Absolutely Not

Now I have to admit I might be wrong

My cat sleeps sixteen hours of every day

Then how is Miss Charlotte wearing me down

She wants food

She wants water

She wants attention

She wants to be left alone

She is in big trouble

She is up to no good

Where is she now?

She is in her poopy box

Then she is sleeping


Everywhere you can imagine

On our bed

On the couch on top of my brother's brown blanket

In her own cat bed behind the door

On the kitchen chair

Up in the backroom in hiding

Laying in the middle of the kitchen floor

On the footstool next to mom

Soaking up the sun next to the slider in the kitchen

Where is she climbing too

Up in the bathroom window

In our living room behind all kinds of stuff

In our clothes closet

In the kitchen closet

On our bedroom bureau

She has her favorite spots

In a small box in the kitchen

A big box in the living room

We call her condo

Then there are spots she never should go

Behind the t.v. set

Climbing in and on top of the refrigerator

Trying to get down the cellar when I am not looking

Out the kitchen door if you hold it open too long

She climbs high up on the tippy-top of the kitchen cabinets

On the kitchen table

Get down. get down.

Then she does things she shouldn't

Clawing the back of my wife's chair

Picking at my boots in the kitchen

Digging her nails into the headboard and side rail of our bed

When the day is done

There is nothing else to say or do

I think Charlotte did more than me

She wore me out

I'm exhausted