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Does Time Heal

I am an amateur writer who writes poetry and short stories and I love to cook.

Time can heal all wounds.

Time can heal all wounds.

Authors Note:

This is my interpretation on the phrase "time heals all wounds". I cannot speak for everyone else's wounds but I can speak for mine. That's exactly what this poem is about.

Here's the poem:

Does Time Heal

Time heals all wounds

or at least that's what they say

so I'll be patient

I'll get there one day

because I'm tired of these wounds

that are on my skin

so, if time heals all wounds

tell time to hurry up.


Final Thoughts

People are always saying time heals all wounds and it took me time to realize they were right. I wrote this poem at the beginning of this year because I was tired of waiting on time. But it's good to be patient and let nature take it's course because time does heal all wounds. There might be an ache every once in a while to remind you of that wound but it's healed. Time heals all wounds but it doesn't forget them.

I hope you all enjoyed this!

See you later darlings!

© 2019 Tia Miller

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