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Does Mr Perfect Exist?

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Afia is getting her PhD in Biochemistry. Besides being passionate about science she has a special love for poetry.


I wait for the Mr. Perfect,

I imagine him as a prince with alot of might,

I close my eyes,

Trying to picture the person with whom my future lies,

I think of a man so perfect,

Whom no person can detest,

I imagine a man so strong,

I imagine a man so successful,

Who can fill my life with all the joys making it blissful,

I imagine a man with so much knowledge,

That reflects his academic achievement in college,

I imagine a man with emotion,

Who has alot of love and devotion,

I imagine all this with my eyes shut,

Knowing that i will see a completely different person when my eyes open up,

Every person has flaws and defects,

So there is no hope to find Mr perfect,

People say that it’s all going to be a compromise,

With every happiness will come its price,

But i think otherwise,

Why think of it as a compromise,

It’s more of coexistence,

By bridging gap through all the distance,

Creating an understanding,

Through all the opinions, choices and personality differences,

If you want to make it worth,

It will just need some work.

© 2018 afia usman