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I love poems and creative work especially fictional based content.


My darling,

Do not let her fathom your soul,

For her presence is pure deceit,

She will wrap her arms around you,

Crush her breasts on yours,

Shelter you beneath her arms,

And whisper sweet little nothings.

She will bay for your blood,

As she bites and blows,

She will drown your visions,

And bring you to your feet,

She will let you feel,

You legs wobble in defeat,

My darling,

Do not let her win.

Easy is futile,

For existence is war,

One that is fought as frequent,

As the palpitations of the heart,

To win is to resist her,

For she is resistance herself,

And when you sit down to work,

That is how you win against her.

© 2022 Matilda Mumbua

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