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Do Not Fear, Do Not Fear

Floral tribute to Corona Victims


Corona Pandemic


Do not Fear, Do not Fear

We know not the moment Life’s dusk will arrive,

Let me complete all pending tasks.

From my verses do not wrong conclusions derive,

Ever wondered in – depth why we need to wear masks.

Corona Pandemic’s second wave has now arrived,

The Earth is shuddering under the weight of Corpses.

Yes, so many lives are being engulfed by Covid,

How will we curtail these tremendous human losses.

We need to frequently wash hands twenty seconds flat,

And wear protective gear and masks.

And most importantly keep social distancing with masses,

These precautions will surely reduce hospitalization tasks.

Nations worldwide are having second lockdowns,

These are essential to contain the pandemic.

But they spell economic losses in businesses,

The disease is becoming worldwide Endemic.

Nations worldwide are researching Vaccines,

And coming up with solutions to Covid problems.

In fact several vaccines have arrived in the market,

They will surely free the world from Covid problems.

No need to indulge in Depression and Fear,

The end of Covid problems is now so Near.

All nations are facing Covid challenges with Courage,

Rejoice, our Covid Warriors are building Covid Barrage.

© 2021 Dr Kulsum Mehmood