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Do You Want Me To Shut The T.V. Off ?

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My wife is a bigger t.v. watcher than me

I use to love, love, love t.v.

Then when I started my first job

I worked nights and all my t.v. programs that I liked

Where on and slowly I missed them one by one

Back in the day, we could record them on our v.c.r.

Then when I woke up

I could watch them one by one

There were too many shows to play catch up

The morning and afternoon were too good to be staying in watching t.v.

So little by little, I watched less and less

Today my wife watches her programs

I have to admit I love some of them very much

I try not to get hooked on the television

There are so many other things I want to do

I could easily turn on t.v. and watch program after program

On most channels

From C.S.I. 's to crime stories

To police shows and old sitcoms

So many Shark Tanks, Married At First Sight

These are just a few of my favorites

Then there is an endless list of movies

Instead I chose to take any spare time and write

My wife loves to cook

Today she is making bread rolls for the first time

With her new Artisan Kitchen Aid Mixer

She has wanted it for a long time

So this Christmas

No more waiting


It is a bright red in color

I will love whatever she makes

My honey gets frustrated when things don't come out like she wanted and expected

Things happen

If my wife is pleased

I am very happy

So as she continues to cook

I am her assistant

Out of sight and out of the way

Here if she needs me

I am here

Hopeful things are going to come out spectacular

My stomach is already growling

Craving home cooked food

Has always been my favorite