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Do You Recall?

Do you recall the time you met the love of your life? Their might be some misunderstandings but you went through it including judgements from the other people because your too young to fall in love.

When you learned about my past,

I thought that this wouldn't last.

— Rose Ann Martinez

Do you remember, the vow and the oath?
In sickness and in health, together we will cope?
Please do recall, that's what I hope.
Pull me up, with the tie of our rope.

I still remember the day when I dreamt.
Little did I know, its far from what it seems.
Just like the day when we lost our rings.
The crack is deep, can't we still make up the things?

Back when the days when we were still schoolmates.
We sneak out and we come home late.
I didn't care about what my neighborhood would say.
All I know was with you, I just want to stay.

Do you still recall when you met my father?
I'd let you see him at 10pm or quarter,
Or when it is already raining harder
To avoid people saying that I'm a bummer.

You didn't care when my cousin warned you.
About me and my sister in a middle of family feud.
All you said to them is that you will protect me.
Even I'm three years younger and you're only seventeen.

When you learned about my past,
I thought that this wouldn't last.
My surprised when my things were not cast.
What happened next was going to be my past.

© 2021 Rose Ann Martinez