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Do What Is Most Important


There Are So Many Choices

it is easy to get lost

It's like being at the beach

You have plenty of places to sit

Then you can go in the water

Anywhere at anytime

What makes you the happiest ?

Is it enjoying the sun ?

Relaxing and resting

Swimming in the water ?

Getting exercise and feeling great

Maybe it is a combination of both

Remember too much of anything is not a good thing

Too much sun can cause health problems

It may be skin cancer

If in the water for too long you can get tired

It can be dangerous

You can get leg cramps or suffer from heat exhaustion

So like our day

We have to decide

You can go on the Internet all day and search

For any information known to man

You can spend all day watching t.v.

Movie after movie

On going news and the latest trends

Talk shows and comedy specials

Go to work and earn some money

Go from one job to the next

Each company will appreciate you

Because they get to run their business

Sleep all day if you choose

Go outside and get some exercise

It could be at the gym working out or a simple walk

I find that each day we have to do what will make us healthier in the future

In more ways than one

Mentally alert, physically fit and financially stable

It may look easy but in reality it is not uncommon to drift off in any one area

Lost for a time

Then when we realize it

We learn to compromise

After a day we feel good

After a week we are still feeling fine

Years later we are still doing well

Look around you and see other people

Who made different choices

They might be struggling financially

Emotionally they may be a wreck

Their health may be suffering

There are so many factors that are always changing our decisions

It is up to you

To work the right combination

That unlocks the lock

That gives you the life you can appreciate and share

With other people who really do care


DREAM ON (author) on August 30, 2018:

Gypsy Rose Lee I always keep a list of ideas I like and want to do. If you just write without doing other things you can get monotonous and tedious. I sure you want to bring the pleasure of life in the words that move you. It is a good idea to get out and meet new people. These friendships give us wonderful new opportunities. Writing will always be there and you have to make sure you spend time doing things that make you tired and explore the world all around you. Today my wife and I walked around three different stores. Mostly window shopping and having so much fun just looking and dreaming. I wanted to stay home and write but going out was more important. I will continue later and hopefully pick up where I left off. This time with more love and passion. Thank you for reading and sharing. Have a beautiful night.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on August 30, 2018:

Right now with all my changes I don't really know what I want except for one thing to publish another book of poems. This I will do in the near future.

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