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Do Not Succumb to the Naysayers Cries ~ a Poem

John is a poet and short fiction writer who enjoys collaborating on stories with other writers, and partaking in challenges.

Image by Enlightening Images from Pixabay

Image by Enlightening Images from Pixabay

A Challenge

Recently, I read a poem by a friend and fellow hubber, Val Karas called 'Dare to Be Truthful: A Poem With a Challenge.' I think Val, may have intended it to be a challenge for people to be truthful in life and not do or say things just to please others, but as a writer, I took it as a dare to express my true feelings on the matter.

Val and I have differing viewpoints on some subjects but being able to freely express our opinions without taking or causing offence is a good basis for a healthy friendship. I think that is also the message behind this dare. "Say what you feel!"

The first and last verses of Val's poem are as follows:

Have the balls to go against the grain

stick it to those who expect appeasing

let the truth build muscle of your brain

bringing all fake warmth to its freezing.


So, dare to be truthful, you owe it to your soul

don't go shopping for image at culture-bazaar

becoming the stranger to self by playing a role

for, at last breath you won't know who you are.

Do Not Succumb to the Naysayer's Cries

Dare to be truthful when surrounded by lies,

but do not succumb to the naysayer’s cries.

Placate those who criticize, don’t stoop to their lows,

be kind and inspiring, let your self-worth grow.

Speak truths that are helpful. Be subtle, not blunt,

don’t be like a tiger on an error hunt.

Don’t shame and embarrass in front of a crowd,

or seek much attention by shouting out loud.

Constructive critique should be welcomed by all

but should be kept private so no one feels small.

If you point out faults always give wise advice,

being a harsh critic is one nasty vice.

To be silent for a waterfall means to die! And for people who shout out the truth in all circumstances, it is the same thing to be silent!

— Mehmet Murat ildan

Encourage the learners, they will grow in time,

complaining and moaning are like a bad rhyme.

No one’s forced to read anything they don’t like,

to all the fault-seekers, just get on your bike.

Satire can be good, it makes fun of life’s truths,

but sometimes it offends and may seem uncouth.

We should strive for thick skins, a trait some don’t have,

they’re sensitive souls who need coaxing, not shoves.

Why must you tell others how to feel and act,

are you trying to fill some void that you lack?

I don’t expect people to act as I do,

they’re all individuals, not me, and not you.

We should write what we want, no need to feel shame,

no one would read it if we all wrote the same.

They call it free speech, but there’s lots you can’t say,

so, write what you want at the end of the day.

Living your truth is so healing. Never hide parts of you because you are scared of other people’s judgments.

— Winnie Nantongo

I seek no approval, I write from my heart,

to suit my own tastes, at least one fan’s a start.

If others enjoy it, that’s all well and good,

if not, that’s okay, no one says they should.

Don’t judge all of us on how you see the world,

we all have our place, man, woman, boy, and girl.

None of us perfect, at least no one I’ve met,

just doing our best is as close as we’ll get.

Please try to care less about what people do,

if it harms no one, especially not you.

The wimpy, complacent ass-kickers galore

I’m sure would be happy to just be ignored.

Buddha: Image by Norma Cabrera from Pixabay

Buddha: Image by Norma Cabrera from Pixabay

If you look very closely at the truth, you may not understand what the truth is! Look at things from a distance; back off a little and look! If you go inside the painting, you won't see anything in the painting!

— Mehmet Murat ildan

© 2022 John Hansen

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