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Do Not Harbor Regrets

Dr Kulsum Mehmood is an Eye Consultant and in practice since 30 plus years. She is a single working mother with one and only son

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Do Not Harbor Regrets

Do not regret past decisions

They were right at that moment of time;

Take them as a lesson for yourself

Teaching pillars for one’s future.

Happenings occur, people suffer

True or false, right or wrong;

Verbal battles, manipulation of facts

Volatile tempers, and actions.

Outsiders with hidden self – interests

Interfere and destroy lives;

They do influence weakened minds

And ignite strife of every kind.

Nurture love and peace to bind

Family ties and bring brotherhood;

Among people who shall find

Happiness, love, and peace of mind.

Don’t look back, don’t harbor regrets

Nurture present, look up to the future;

Be bold, positive, and courageous

Mighty forces will shape up the future.

Love your family


© 2020 Dr Kulsum Mehmood

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