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Do Not Ask Me to Love You If You Will Not Change My Name. 7-9

I am a poet, an Author on sweek, and a YouTuber on Jade Anibor channel.


Double dating

Helpless love
Stored in some light bag,
Carried by a hefty man
With big dreams,
I can manage :
he keeps saying,
She can hold on with me-
Love is strong as the pillars of the earth,
We can breathe in the waters like fishes,
And we can endure pangs like a pregnant woman-
All for love.

Bathed deceit,
She is soapy all over
With her lies,
Blowing bubbles everywhere,
And stopping were it bursts,
Giving each a shower.
A make belief movie
Is all I see,
How can everyone be in love with this one woman
Her love is like a shopping mall,
That welcomes all with a price tag,
A buyer in mind
And no feelings attached.

Day after day,
They play this flute
With such shady lyrics
composed for their hearts:
Their treacherous hearts.
How do they hold on to so many hands
And still share a dream?

I see a fallen fan
In a house without a roof,
I see cracked walls
In a house without a foundation,
And I see a couple calling that a home-
And all I can say to myself is:
What a love.


Give him one thousand naira

O you son of Nabal,
With one thousand naira you hunt my passion?
You are a disgrace to men folk,
Selfishness and depravity are your perfume,
You are worst than a stray dog,
Very soon I Shall say-
Give him one thousand naira.

His life is in his money
And he becomes a pregnant fish,
Sailing on a cargo ship,
My integrity slaps the sea,
As I watch him boast:
''I make the money, I am not a poor guy”
Then I know very soon I shall say-
Give him one thousand naira.

Your mocking and devious laugh,
Still flashes before me,
With arrogance like a peacock,
You toss the note at me,
Despise my feelings
And open the flood gates of my anger,
I shall bury you among fools
And very soon I shall say-
Give him one thousand naira.

Very soon you shall walk on your hands
And when you are about to kiss the earth,
An SUV BENZ shall be your savior,
With your palm to your face,
You stretch a bowl,
And I shall utter these words from within-
Give him one thousand naira.

Reading glasses

A dancing scene approaches,
But when I put on my glasses,
The scene stands still.

It is spectacular how I radiate scenes.
Glasses off,
It dances.
Glasses on,
It stands still.


© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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