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Do Not Ask Me To Love You If You Will Not Change My Name. 4-6

I am a poet, an Author on sweek, and a YouTuber on Jade Anibor channel.


My Chris

I am scared,
I have fallen
Deep -
Like the depth of the sea
In the midst of cowries,
Jelly fish,
And crabs:
I reside
So in love.

I have a new marker,
I do not know how to draw with it,
It breathes new words,
That has no passion or romance;
Am I suppose to use it?

Your eyes like water
Flows through me,
Without a word you occupy me,
When will you stop?
My veins are all yours,
My heart and kidney
Function by your heartbeat,
Please stop:
Am erupting.

Kiss me only in your dreams,
Touch me when I am asleep,
Make love to me when I am
Unconscious -
I cannot be your woman;
Even though I want to.

That marker;
Was given to me as a gift,
Some gifts you love,
Some you respect.

I have the best of both worlds:
I love one,
And respect the other,
Your place cannot be taken,
I do not know how it happened,
But it is my decision.

Those red lips,
My lady's smile,
And flowing eyes;
Has deflowered me -
I am no longer pure.


A Thousand Miles

May we continue to be a thousand miles
Away from each other,
No matter where I may be
No Matter where you may be
May our distance continue to be a thousand miles.

My laughter,
My face,
My thoughts,
Shall continue to be a thousand miles
away from you;
May you never see me,
May I never see you,

Let us forget each other,
Let us not ever remember,
How in loved we use to be;
How we use to dream,
After all,
there are many dreamers who moved on,
So why can we not.

In each dream we got married,
Made love,
Had children ,
And gave names we agreed,
And in that dream:
We die today.

we grew up in dreams,
I became your wife
And you my husband:
Loved in it
Died it:
Are we not great dreamers?
What is the point waking up
When we have lived all,
I feel sorry for those who have not tasted what we have.

So a thousand miles we shall remain,
But awake this time we shall be,
And dreams forgotten;
May you never remember me
May I never remember us,
I pray you feel no guilt,
I was happy to serve you,
To support your legs that could not
move to look for friends and lovers,
I was everything!
I am happy I helped.

But now,
Please let us both forget:
And stay a thousand miles away,
And let the stars that shone in our dreams:
Watch over you
And bless your every step!
For the sake of our children we had together in dreamland.



Songs of old
Leave me behind;
Take me to the past
before the past,
The presence is fake,
I can hear her say.

Smiling heavily is sadness,
On a table for two now one,
Why do I make you feel this way
I do not know either;
But a rumble boy once said:
I am not beautiful
So I must make you all feel that way.

My thoughts become yours,
I create your story,
With my opinion,
And you accept it like it is truth,
Maybe your self esteem is a boy that does not like you,
Maybe your joy is your money that has broken your heart,
Maybe your pride is your country that has fallen,
Maybe your job is your life that is now dead,
Maybe you want to die because the world has become so small,
Maybe Jade George is wearing a body you should have worn,
Maybe the place you call home is having the appearance of a grave,
Maybe there are too many why's in your dictionary,
Maybe you are just in love with me: DEPRESSION.

I am the vine that grows in your head
producing fruits of worthlessness,
I demand of your heart a reason to feel sad,
I bring down great men with my poison;
which I feed them through doubts:
I call negativity and pessimism to give you a ride,
And you just lay down there moaning :
Depression Depression Depression
O I love you


© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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