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Do Not Ask Me To Love You If You Will Not Change My Name. 31-33

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Tomorrow Is August

Tomorrow is August.

I do not have a thing,
And that is the thing,
Nothing I can do to preserve love,
Except his love for me,
But he says:
I do not hate you -
A rumble feeling
That is as plain as a plank,
A dry wood,
Without a function,
Lying there and telling me to give attention,
How can I?
When I am just a secondary school
Of thought,
Of attraction,
Of side admiration,
I am no fool -
There must be a time to grow,
To be a man,
And get hold of your woman:
He is doing just that
With someone he calls friend today
And madam tomorrow.

How can I fight for such a man?
Why should I fight for what is mine?
If it is not mine should I fight?
I admit
I have been defeated,
I want to lose,
In fact I have lost,
So I tell him:
Go to your madam,
I wish you both happy married life,
It is your desire,
If it is not,
I won’t be left alone,
While you keep someone else warm,
It is your wish;
If it were not,
You will not belittle me,
And rub shame on my face,
By telling me to get your attention.

If I were you,
You will be my attention
My extension
Of what love really is.

I am happy we used twelve midnight
To tell truths,
Even though you know where your heart belongs,
So let’s call them truths,
Because you chose them:
Tomorrow is August,
Good bye.


Do Not Ask Me To Love You If You Will Not Change My Name

Do not ask me to love you if you will not change my name.

I am afraid of words;
They can bite if rejected,
So I keep quiet
Inflamed inside,
Wishing and walking in my sleep.
Promises from a million men,
Carve my fingers with gold,
Kiss my lips with vows,
It is you I want.

My wish;
Is a suitor every woman wants,
A diamond they dream of;
And I am a woman that walks into
The fantasy of every man:
So we must merge.

I am complicated,
Eye's you cannot read;
Lips you cannot understand
And a face that makes words stutter,
But in my blossom rest a picture of you -
If only my dress was revealing.

How can I say what is in my heart,
Who shall I tell:
I trust no one
And you must not too,
Only the bed I lay on
And the pillow under my head;
Knows the burning passion
And restless night you give me.

I am not a lonely woman.
Kings fall by me,
And for me,
But for you O my Lord:
My body shakes.

I do not know what to tell you
For you to know:
I want you as my man;
When you do know:
Do not ask me to love you
If you will not change my name.


Do Not Be Misled.

Do not be misled.

I am happy it is over,
Short and quick,
Leaving me on time,
For real love to occupy.
There was love somewhere;
Even when I never wanted it:
Thank you for giving someone better a chance once again.

He is smart;
Hard black man,
With good coins;
And a fast career.
He is man:
Man enough for me.

You overtook him -
But slacked along the way,
Thank you for being so kind -
You thought best of me:
This is how I feel;
I pray Matins is ready this time.

I cannot remember you,
Because I do not want to remember you:


© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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