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Do Not Ask Me To Love You If You Will Not Change My Name. 25-27

I am a poet, an Author on sweek, and a YouTuber on Jade Anibor channel.




I want to feel every pain,
So I close my eyes,
And remember it all;
I only care about my thoughts,
I am punishing myself:
For the errors you made.

I have forgotten my scent,
I am trying to remember:
I hallucinate
I feel he is responsible
I feel he is generous
I feel he is wise,
Driving down the subway of contracts,
I see him as number one;
The kind engineer
Who gives me the drug:

I am painting,
I am happy,
Money is flying.
I know someday,
I will smile
The way I am smiling now.

I am on the bridge,
I do not want to go home.


Jack Daniel Whisky

Jack Daniels Whiskey.

The bang in my head
is caused by Jack Daniels.
I am swaying in whiskey,
as my legs swing
and my waist rolls.
Cigar in the air,
clouds my eyes.
Sweats on my skin,
radiates like whiskey.

I move like disco lights,
who else is willing to enjoy this?
But the drunk Jack Daniels.
It is no secret what he does,
like a snake he crawls down my throat,
and makes me a bad girl.

What was that?
A kiss?
By whom?
How can I tell?
When everyone is a Jack Daniels
to me.

Jackie boy is in my head,
my mini is revealing my balls,
O I have to close it,
how come it feels like touch light?
O I think I touched
that man's Jack Dan.

Jack Daniels is
a bad boy.
How come he knows how to do this?
I say to myself,
as I drink water.
He makes me swim in a pool,
even though I am just drinking it.


It is his turn.

It is his turn

Someday is tall with dark eyes.
He loves me now,
acting like Bollywood to hook me
and box that voice in his brain,
that said: when will she grow?
I reminisce,
when I was learning to spell love.

Mummy says
Tie your ribbons.
I say no-
My Michael Jackson will call me kid.
Back and forth, back and forth,
I rhythm the arena where he stands
But like the air -
It is breeze I produce:
And all he feels.

I apologize.
One day is here,
with a date that reads:
''it is his turn"
I need a glass tube
because I am singing this poem
in the hurricane,
that comes along
with his stalking.

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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