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Do Not Ask Me To Love You If You Will Not Change My Name. 23-25

I am a fulfilled single thirty year old writer. A relationship expert and an Author that has successfully published five romantic Ebooks.


Peruse One.

Peruse. (One)

She loves lies,
He hates truth,
So they fit in one box of shadows
Learning things we like,
Strange revert we receive,
The lines are hanging,
In between mails;
And Google is having a headache:
Are you a robot?
It asks;
As I sit by my system trying to search you,
My friend is on the same course,
He cannot fathom her existence,
She must be from space -
But space is pure and clean,
He reaches for his jacket,
The same time I grab mine;
Only for us to meet at the door
To our lover's.
Who are we in love with?


Peruse 2.

Peruse (2)

In a world with crack walls,
There exist weak doors,
The entrances are always dark,
But still we enter
Leading us to
weak lights
On bent over lamps,
No one is here
I whisper to my friend,
It is a sitting room not a waiting room;
His anger flushed my next words away,
We were suppose to be in love,
Not in search of lovers,
So I understand ;
I bathed myself with more guilt by saying;
Am sorry,
And his reply made me happy that we are on the same boat:
I really love Cynthia,
So do not be,
I love Cyrus too I tried to explain
But his next move choked my words,
And I followed him as
Our feet quaked the floor leading to
A room that welcomed us with
A dew of smoke,
It is an old house,
I encouraged him,
No it's a wooden house,
He served me back the favor,
Cynthia! he called,
His echo got to her before him,
And there was light.

Who is there?
Greeted our attention,
Cyrus is that you?
I responded to the masked voice,
From the dew of smoke she moved,
Black as charcoal,
With the heat of a blacksmith,
She held a hand fan,
Ironically fanning off the smoke,
What do you want you fools!
Came out like a warrior's,
Where is Cyrus!
I forced my words out like an accusation,
I am Cyrus,
Jake did not wait for my expression to wipe off,
He asked:

Where is Cynthia?

I am Cynthia the old lady replied,
I looked at Jake
And I watched him slowly
Wear my expression.

Who are we in love with?


Peruse 3.

Peruse (3)

Three years was shot like three goals,
In a blink,
Some night with the old lady,
And Jake.

I reminisce,
Of how we fought the senior,
In a combat of words,
She was insane,
And she was even I ,
And him Jake;
She was every name you can mention,
We became crazy with her,
And she waved us like a flag,
We sharpened our words,
With saliva,
But we got tired and dried,
On our way out she shouted:
Cyrus and Cynthia do not love you!
They do not love anyone!
Not even me,
We went back like the wind,
Encircled her like an hurricane,
Still believing we can earn some truth,
We knew she was a waving flag,
Hiding it country's losses,
Under some colorful cloth.

They are my children!
I am their mother,
But they left me to find love,
In your pockets,
They did not want to stay with me,
They told me they would Solon
Ride buses in the air,
And plane on land,
I know you gave them what I did not have:
You Jane!

In controlled shock,
Gladness trickled me,
You Jane she said again to bring me back from mesmerizing,
Do not be happy I know your name,
Cyrus laughed your name out
In triumph,
After a cash,
A kiss
A hug
A gift
A ride
And a promise:
He fell on the chair
Close to bed,
And said:
She is my ticket,
In a bag
I must own.

I stood unsurprised,
Why was I not?
I could not explain,
But I felt a feeling,
I had always felt.

Looking at Jake with her brown eyes as brown as the carpet we stood on:
I feel sorry for you,
She finally confessed.

No please!
Jake hushed her words
With a wave,
That I saw as goodbye,
For we turned in a sequence.

You Thomas!
Always in doubt-
Cynthia never liked that,
She was a lesser evil to Cyrus,
Hers was a kiss and tell,
She would have told you,
But you distracted her thoughts,
With your lack of trust:
The woman rang sounds like a bell.

How can I trust a devil
Jake asked in exclaim.

If you cannot trust a devil,
Then do not love a devil:
Was the old lady's reply to Jake's stupid question.

Jake please let us leave:
I murmured aloud,
We have been eaten up already,
To my amazement:
Jake asked;
Where is Cynthia now?
He took her away,
their mother answered;
Cyrus took her,
With the cash,
And never coming back,
Until it is done,
Then the next neighborhood will be their ticket to a whole new world.

I hoped Jack was happy to
Hear that,
As I was given a reason to forget Cyrus,
But again,
And again,
My strength flattered me,
I needed him,
While he needed her.

Jake left me to look for Cynthia,
And I went looking for Romeo,
And at a point when no one was looking for me,
Someone found me.

I am married with child,
And as happy as I envisioned.

I do not know if Jake crumbled on truth or
Truth crumbled on him,
But I hope someone finds Jake,
Or has found him.

Some three years ago,
Now I laugh over the scenes,
Like I laugh over a game,
I enjoy viewing,
And play so well.

My pen will rest here,
It's time to cook dinner,
That would have been Jake's,
If I hear news of him,
I will revert.


© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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