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Do Not Ask Me To Love You If You Will Not Change My Name. 22-24

I am a delegate of World Sleep Day and a motivational speaker.


I Could Have Been Better.

I could have been better.

I am nine months looking pretty,
Nineteen came and I laid men
With my breasts;
Flat on the ground:
They were.

Men for my father,
I am laughing
As I count,
And slept in the process to
Wake up looking laid.

Where is my husband?
Where are my admirers?
A child I had;
Now children children
Calling on me.
My name is forgotten,
But my lord remains -
King of boys;
Dinning with youngsters,
Grabbing my past look
By the ankle,
Clinging to thread like waist,
And falling into thigh gaps.

He drinks and laughs more:
Like a mad man who just got
Tasting merriment like a monk.

Now we are poor,
He blames me,
I am the foot that refused to walk,
The eyes that became blind,
The tongue that calls only bitterness
And a fallen veil :
That hid a mask .

I a mask?

Maybe I called an enemy my friend,
I left my love among the numerous laying on the ground,
Yes I had a veil, it blurred my vision.
A worldly life ,
For the rich only
Where only the handsome dines
And the popular marry.

I could have been better if:
I were spiritual,
I could have been better if:
I was loved,
My body rejects his care
Because he is selfish;
Physical man!
Why will I not age?
You came with your darkness and eroded my beauty ,
Calling me names;
When my legs didn't open;
Leaving me behind when my powder finished,
And making me eat a bowl of
Rice alone because you
Were out drinking;
I ate till I became fat with loneliness .

You no longer look at me,
How do you expect my mirror too?
I could have been better
If I did not tell you how I felt,
And did what you felt,
I could have been better
If I became your slave
Instead of your wife,
I thought I mattered,
I never knew you saw
Cinderella in me;
O I never knew your words should not have affected me,
I could have been better
If I knew:
You wanted a clone of the woman in your fantasy.


Your Perfect Imperfections.

Your perfect imperfections.

Are smiles that erases stress,
Such thoughts you have when life is tough,
Feelings you want to remember when love is lost,
And that rain that should have fallen in January.

So perfect are your imperfections,
Your hot temper smooths my skin,
Removes pride and colors my character,
I am sorry:
Is no longer hard,
I will do as you say:
Is now a song I love to sing,
And we can make it work:
As taken over from;
I need to move on.

When you stammer
I feel your warmth,
When you scold
I feel your love,
When you keep me silent
I know what care means,
You not saying
I love you -
Makes actions louder than voice.

So you get so jealous,
And you demand to know of every rat that takes of my coat -
Who is he you ask.
You make other girls jealous as you remind them of who I really am:
The Queen.

The more you do not want me to understand you;
The deeper you fall in love with me
Mr Imperfect.


Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger.

This is not business,
Where we are allowed to make
This is love
Formed with our hands,
All it took was one grip,
One look in the eye,
One question,
One smile,
And that was it.

Mistakes are errors
But not all errors are mistakes,
Where will I place this one mistaken identity
That made our paths cross?

Hello stranger,
I shall call you Joshua,
If only that one knew,
His name would be this useful,
He would have finned you,
I was never close to that Josh,
So I am wondering why it had to be his name.

We crossed paths four times,
That forms my name,
The four letter word.
We saw each time,
Wishing to say more,
Wishing to know more,
Wishing to take a firm grip this time,
Wishing this could be it,
Wishing 2018 would make a great year,
Wishing, wishing, wishing:
And I am getting further away from you.


© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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