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Do Not Ask Me To Love You If You Will Not Change My Name. 16-18

I am a poet, an Author on sweek, and a YouTuber on Jade Anibor channel.



You do not know what is in the sky?
How I wish you did,
Some carpet,
Moving in awe
Fanning in day and night,
Dropping air,
Delivering rain from ice:
Hide in the wind;
And let sand
Cloud you.
I appear in mist:
Bringing in splendor.
Are you blind?

The waters are sitting,
The waves are clapping,
The forest chanting
For the fountains to fall:
The wind tells me,
Flowers wonder why am told:
But the earth responds:
Korah did not believe
And I buried him.
Next time,
The moon will freeze them,
The sun will burn them,
For mother nature will disown them.
My kidneys have voiced.


Its Jade George Anibor

It's Jade George Anibor.

I am the microphone,
I chew the big bone,
And take the world on tour,
I bring you the planet.
I am not the billboards,
Can not be the news,
Do not even want a home;
I am the air.

I am collateral,
You can pledge my lines,
The event is me,
Am a living ancestor.
I am not your identity,
Can not be your loss,
Do not even want to brag:
I am indemnity.

I am relationship,
I bath emotions,
I feed understanding,
And give love some skin.
I am not a scientist,
Can not be a therapist,
Do not even want to be a judge -
I am a healer.

It's the queen of words.


The Sky Is Falling.

The sky is falling.

The sky is like the face of a woman,
Hidden between a thorn bush,
Looking sad
At her children;
Who do not see the signs:
That something more than rain
Is about to drop.

Sore lips,
Faint eyes,
Deep holes,
Bleeding from the arrows we shot her.
How could we?
Nature cries.
How could we?
I cry.
Swallow some pain,
Chew some regret,
The sky is falling,
Life is leaving,
What else do we have;
When the sky is no more.


© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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