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Do Not Ask Me To Love You If You Will Not Change My Name. 13-15

I am a poet, an Author on sweek, and a YouTuber on Jade Anibor channel.




The sun,
The golden age,
Stability, size, energy:
Keeps me gaping till night,
Dropping saliva,
As I watch his brilliance -
Still reflect on the moon.

The pretty white damsel,
Is more of a man in strength,
She keeps stable our planet spin axis
So it does not wobble like man's ways:
Giving earth a perfect finish,
So I get to see another season.

What do I call what you have created,
I fear you,
You make the atmosphere a blanket
And with a spinning molten iron:
You envelope us,
And shield us from foreigner's outer space.

Who commands the waters to recycle?
Who created ecosystem in a perfect way of equality?
It is you God,
I look at your works
And I am shaking like lightening:
That is about to convert nitrogen
Into compounds.


My Love Is Blue Like The Sky.

My love is blue like the sky.

Love is like light,
It travels,
It is not just an emotion
But a mixture of feelings
I see as:
Red ,orange, blue ,
Yellow ,Violet and green,
You see these colors when you look at love.

I am filled with air,
Gas mix in dust
Bumps into me,
And I bounce off in a different direction,
A street of a million you,
Raining blushes on me:
I turn red
Then orange
Then yellow
Then Violet.
Then finally you make me blue like the sky:
And everyone gets to know -
I am in love.


My Home.

My Home.

My name is Jade,
I am from milky way galaxy,
Planet earth is my city:
Not too close to the center of my country
And not too far from it.
I live on earth’s orbit
Within the sola system.

A very habitable zone,
And at the right region,
Not too in not too out:
With a perfect flow of chemical elements
And resilience to deadly radiation.

My street: ideal
One hundred and fifty kilometers away from the sun:
And I do not have to freeze or Fry.

I am not afraid in my city like when I
Visit the moon,
I know it all
and nothing changes,
It is circular
and keeps
Me approximately the same distance from the sun yearly:
You are welcome to my home.


© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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