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Do Not Ask Me to Love You If You Will Not Change My Name. 10-12

I am a poet, an Author, a motivational speaker and a love coach.



The Date.

The Date

Eleven years are over,
But I still feel eleven,
As I look for a pink dress,
To please you.

I walk slowly,
To make you feel;
I am a lady -
And as I get to the door
Of the restaurant,
I pause to make sure,
My face shines as then.

On getting in,
I gaze about for you,
But strange men
Gaze back at me.
Where are you?

Then a call from you,
Makes my heart grow flowers,
Only to hear-
Am sorry for everything,
I cannot be with you tonight.




Like the marching of the wind,
Moments pass by,
A couple of seconds
Can dye the sun red,
When delayed even a bit,
You get a sun burn,
And your face becomes a sun flower.

My hand is by my side,
But you do not hold it,
My dress is the colour of Jade,
But you pass me by,
Without a word:
And I cannot read your unspoken words.
My face is like a doll’s
It makes your heart beat,
But you do not caress it.

And at night,
I torment my bed,
I soil my pillow,
I stab my heart,
And crack my wall
With a thunderous voice,
Till I fight night:
And it wish to flee.

As I stare at the morning sun,
For memories of those moments,
I have none to flip through.
With my hair looking like mop,
you did not hold my hand,
Or compliment my dress,
Or kiss my cheeks.
If you had,
There would have been moments,
But as it is,
Just the wind passed,
On a sunny day.


I Shall Stop Loving You.

I Shall stop loving you.

This is adult circumcision,
I must stop
Before my heart fails
And I commit suicide for you.

It is not that I live
For you,
But I live with you;
To the height that I dream,
I am your wife.
But now you say:
Call me friend.
I smile and say - okay,
But my life span,
Turns into a shadow.

I must breathe.
Before the clock ticks twelve,
I shall stop loving you.


© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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