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Do Not Ask Me To Love You If You Will Not Change My Name 1-3

I am a poet, an Author, a motivational speaker and a love coach.



When he is gone like he should have come.

He is gone like I did not love him,

And he should have come like I did not love him.
Loving you was quick
But not quick -
It is easy to live in those eyes,
And inhale your toothpaste smile;
But it was hard to convince my stone like heart,
That this was the last.

I am delicate,
Taking every care
Not to miss a moment:
The kiss,
The touches,
Your melting words,
Yes –
From the first day
My sense organs deceived me;
My desperate heart was honest for once
When it said:
He wants to play.

His love was gone,
Lost to another man,
He needed a soft touch,
To make him give up on wine,
And not hunt for whiskey-
For making money,
And moving on was Paramount.

I became that victim in love.
When he knew;
He wanted to make me prey by saying:
Give me some time to love you.
It was then I stopped praying:
You are a mistake.



My raining storm,

My own heavy thunder,

My bubbling rainbow,
My inside out weather,
My slippery ground;
Holding on to my ten toes:
The first will caress you,
The second will tickle your hairs,
The third will wed you,
And the fourth will make you erect.
O love is sweet
I can somersault for you –
Says the fifth toe,
And so says all.

When I walk,
I walk for you,
Running all the way for you,
Jogging love and sweating passion,
I wait for you outside;
To take you to someplace
Where we can sit quietly,
And slide my ten toes
Underneath your track suit :
Or should we start at dinner.



I am wearing my smile
Twenty meters long
With stars around it.
Tell me what you mean by
Complex simplicity.
Am I that dish you tired of,
The video game you cannot view,
That pen that will not write,
Or a child who hates:
Why is poetry going to the waste bin;
I remember all thirty sheets
Because you told me -
“I love you” after every deceitful read:
You ooze.

My armpit
Is like the love I have for you -
Same space and size,
It itches the way you do,
When it smells like you:
My sneezing nose
Does not need your breath,
You are too close to me,
My lips will decay
If you kiss me,
The sores on my tongue
Are increasing,
And a dead woman awaits your lies.

I gave you thirty poems
You gave me thirty falsehood
All together zero truth:
Your face looks like a vagina -
One can never tell how many it has eaten.

I stand like testicles,
Dump like a ball,
But holds life of this kind-
You kick me when you like
And I go with your action,
But my goal is to score
Some points in your love zone.
Look at me -
Frying my heart ,
Cooking my accounts,
Baking my bed;
All for you –
Stupid me.

I did not deserve to hear it
From a human;
Puppy sniffed her out-
Some twenty two with a size eight,
Makes thirty lies served:
Mr Ideal
I rest my fork
I am done eating.


© 2020 Jade George Anibor


Jade George Anibor (author) from Nigeria, Lagos Lekki Ajah. on February 21, 2020:

Barnet thanks a lot! I love your choice of words.

Jade George Anibor (author) from Nigeria, Lagos Lekki Ajah. on February 21, 2020:

Thanks John Hansen

BARNET SERGIE on February 21, 2020:

Jade when I read your poems there are captivating, in a charming style, with fascinating words, all these drawing in an absorbing design of pics.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on February 20, 2020:

Very interesting poetry Jade. Thanks for sharing.

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