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Djinn View

I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.

Djinn View

The image comes into view

Moves, approaches until it’s right in front of you

Over your head and behind you

Alongside you and all around you

Turns deftly, subtly to mist and smoke

Now on you

In you

Until you

Somehow mistify and then fly

Ghostily into the bottle


Brings you in

The image shimmers into view

Moves, approaches until it’s seated beside you

Arm over your head and behind you

Alongside you and now around you

Leans quickly, not subtly in to kiss

Not in you

For you

So then you

Quickly disentwine and hard smack

Hastily the glistening face


And you grin

The image fades out of view

Moves, approaches but it’s out of the sight of you

Touches your head, moves behind you

Alongside you and swims around you

Starts swirling, curling to pleasant haze

Now grabs you

Spins you

Until you

Again mistify and then blast

Vaporly out of the small bore


(S)he stays in

The image hides out of view

Rants, reproaches, and acts like a young child of two

Gets in your head, moves to faze you

Beckons to you, then threatens you

Just words first, then health, body and mind

Angers you

Moves you

Until you

Push, twistify stopper in bore


And you win

The image will stay forever with you:

Corked green bottle bob-bob-bobbing slowly out of view...

© 2022 greg cain

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