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Meriyen Marquez, MSW. I love expressing myself through writing. It is an outlet that allows me to explore & share my perspective on things.

Divorce —Us

The word "divorce" is not offensive. It does not accurately represent who you are. You are not a failure because of it. It does not imply that your home is in disarray.

Divorce signifies the end of a relationship with a person you previously loved, respected, and looked up to.

Divorce is not awful, degrading, or a violation of a contract. Furthermore, you do not include it on your Resume.

Divorce is a legal declaration made by two consenting individuals that their marriage is no longer viable and that they no longer have the same objectives. It is a judicial order.

It's one of the two individuals recognizing they are no longer safe in the relationship. It's a parent scrambling to ensure the safety of their children while fighting for their autonomy!

Divorce may either be a simple process or a dazzling double-edged sword that tears you up unless you choose to walk away and regain your life and self-preservation.

Divorce is an interpretation that a relationship is over. It involves rediscovering your identity. It's the start of a new chapter and the closure of an old one.

Divorce isn't a dirty word, only a relationship status!



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