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Divorce Court


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My letter to the state.

Your honor we are

gathered here today,

to put to rest,

what was supposed to

be strictly the best,

guess it was

doomed from the beginning,

since our union was never blessed,

we have exceeded all stress test,

and have court records,

documenting numerous arrests,

I stand before you black and bruised,

been offered no security

from those tax paid

boys in blue,

so today I am pleading,

for a legal rescue,

for delayed justice to be pursued.

This divorce is long past due,

the only problem is your

requesting I PAY YOU,

have given my blood, tears, and fears,

how much does this state wish to acquire?

All I have left is a few

strong breaths and I am using them

no longer confused.

Oh, and that protection order,

almost had me on CNN News.

How many more women

will this state lose

because you are unable to restrain?

I am only one

lucky statistic that remains,

there is terror abroad,

but there is also a terror at home.

Do not believe me

tap my home phone,

all I want is to be left alone,

and I can not do that with his name,

legally attached to

my every comfort zone.

So, I am making a citizens

appeal to the STATE,

grant me a fee-free divorce,

that would be great,

list no new address,

because of Google, he can navigate,

and I will not survive,

why I am pleading for you

to help me escape….

© 2019 Vic Watts


Vic Watts (author) from Bonaire, Ga on April 08, 2019:

Domestic Violence is real for everyone as I am sure you know. My words come from experience and things that I have dealt with in my life.

Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS from Memphis on April 02, 2019:

All I can say is one word: WOW!

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