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Divine Moments in My Typical Day -- Poetry


Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.



There are certain states beyond mind, beyond social self-image -- even beyond bodily sensations, They so much feel like that innocence of early childhood while we were too young to be forced into becoming socially acceptable beings.

As I am daily sinking into that essence of who I am, I am experiencing something divine, something impossible to verbalize. So, as I gently snap out of it, I can't bring it into my wakeful state -- and only something like a mental taste of it stays with me for the rest of the day, which I recognize as calm, peacefulness, and equanimity.

Then I may even write my satires in which it appears that I am "bitter" about the human condition and the world -- but it's all written with a Mona Lisa smile on this face.

And although I love mankind in my own ways and forms, I refuse to carry the weight of collective stupidity on my shoulders, for I am not responsible for any of it.

Those moments of true meditation have something almost ghostly about them, as I don't feel that I have a body at all. It's a trip into the unknown where everything familiar from my wakeful intimate reality ceases to exist. It's like a pure consciousness, with an only sense of "I am" left, with nothing to attach to it.

In some clumsy attempts, the spirit of experiencing it is described in the following pieces of my prose in rhymes.

My Meditation

Deep I drift away from my everyday story myth

sinking into realm for which words don't exist

at first feeling heavy like a fleshy monolith

then lighter than feather or morning mist.

All sense of myself familiar so well

dispersing like a cloud unblocking sun

with emergence of something hard to tell

but recognized again like an old show's rerun.

Feeling a sort like homecoming after trip

heart-felt nostalgia for something gone

unutterable liberation from ego's grip

something so unique for me alone.

It's so futile trying to share this intimate state

and these words are clumsy way of such try

as I wanted to tell about something great

outlandishly divine, if like pie in the sky.

Called "pure consciousness". and I agree

like a body-less state, almost ghostly to feel

so much more godly than an ego could ever be

and without need to close palms, or need to kneel.

If I Could See with Baby's Eyes

Sometimes I wonder how it would feel

to be that baby again that I used to be

then I experience something so ideal

fantasizing about what I would see.

If I could see with tiny baby's eyes

unaware of what they are seeing

I'd let the world come to my size

just forever loving and agreeing.

If I could hear with baby's ears

cannons would play lullabies

laughter come out of tears

and truth replace all lies.

If I could touch with the baby's hands

it could be your face I would touch

with tiny heart that understands

why I'm loving you all so much.

If I could smell with baby's tiny nose

winter would have aroma of a spring

and dandelion would smell like a rose

every beggar would smell like my king.

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