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Distracted Light on a Long Term Dimmer Setting

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Started the month of October in full time sparkle mode

Not sure why; just felt like everything was firing on all cylinders

Now, down in the tubes by the middle of the month

Trying not to let one person destroy my internal shimmer

Very hard to do when you thought they were part of your future

Delusional to have thought such a joke of a human held that much importance

The flesh and blood personification of a crash test dummy

Always ramming his head into the same brick wall time and time again

Never learning from the past collisions and coming up with a new course of action

Heart transformed from a full formed organ into a carved up pumpkin

Of the badly cut up persuasion from one of the most unsteady hands

Impossible to put back together to its former glory

No amount of Gorilla glue and duct tape will get this Humpty Dumpty back to normal

Difficult to rebuild when the subject in question reduced to granulated mush

Taking a new clay model out of cold storage to start from scratch

Easier than putting back together the worst puzzle ever created

Feeling almost radioactive to the touch since the disaster happened

Turned from the most to the least interesting person in the world

Surely, not the case, but it just feels that way

Craving out a new identity harder than most would think

Starting over is not for the weak

It will take time, but the arduous journey will hopefully be worth the wait.

Fingers crossed.

Always seeming to hit the same wall again and again.

Always seeming to hit the same wall again and again.

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