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The Indian Sociopolitical Circus

Ashutosh enjoys writing on a variety of subjects including politics, current affairs, and social and religious issues.


The Indian Sociopolitical Circus

Democracy or dictatorship, it's always about sustenance
Nation's pride is but a false pretense

Right wing or Left wing, take a second glance
Ideologies are hypocrisies sugar coated to finesse

They care for you is what they always pretend
Brainwashing gullible minds to meet own ends

Opinions are divided and truth has a cost
More like saying one politician is evil but other is not

Rhetorics and cliches are meant for political class
Insensitivity to the citizens brushed aside as faux pass

Electoral promises are already yesterday's talk
New dreams being force-fed and new paths you need to walk

Taxes just got hefty but that's not what you were told
Unnecessary hullabaloo created and the idea just got sold

Pumping and chest thumping for new India, we are told
Pretty much same old junk, just repackaged as gold

Government' into sniffing mode
From food on the table
To news on the dth cable

Massacres and genocides have got new labels
Morals and righteousness, all faded into fables

Blasphemy's on track
Lynch mobs are back

Think about this though
I am the mob that kills
Even if it's just cheap thrills
Shamelessly, I am also the mob that protests

Candlelight vigil and social media activism makes me look cool
Deep inside I am just a hypocrite fool

As a bystander, I am also ignorant of other's pain
Morally bankrupt, I do however shift the blame

'Cause end of the day, I am just a gullible sheep, not to be named!

Killing in the name of religion was never considered abnormal
Doing it on pretext of phobia though seems to be the new normal

The news is always breaking even though nothing's broken
Judiciary punishing criminals with conscientious tokens

The prime-time debates are only cacophony
Pushing narratives that are no less than phony

Reserved filling up for the deserved
Talent pool just can't be preserved

Religion taking precedence
Sycophancy measuring intelligence

The zealots in town have all got promoted
While religious affiliations have got others booted

The godmen are fraud men, we know and tell
Still follow them blindly, it's faith we pretend

Kill for them and even get killed for them
Such blindness none can comprehend.

Utopia being served on the platter
Your opinions don't even matter

Nationalism being preached by those that disrespect the flag
Won't take any names, for its a universal fact

Intolerance is on the rise, fueled by bigotry and sectarian divide
And crooks roaming everywhere, as wolves in disguise

Buffoonery and Jingoism have set new benchmark
Hashtags keep trending and Trolls walking the talk

Prejudice and bias seem to be ripping us apart
Much hyped 'Communal Harmony', is something we totally forgot

We're always debating if history is altered or fake
Conveniently ignoring what all is at stake

They did what they had to whether good or bad
Abuse of power or felicitation could have been the case.

Extreme nepotism and corruption in sporting authorities
Filling up their pockets and pushing up their proxies

Foot soldiers have transformed into cavalcades
The corrupted now own enclaves

While society continues to remain enslaved
Into customs so archaic and this hyper-sensitive craze

Fight against black money is on slippery grounds
While Demonetisation woes are still echoing around

Terrorism still hasn't gone down
While soldiers are still being gunned down

Politicians keep scoring brownie points
Draining resources continuously into lobbies and shady deals

Diktat on movies and even porn getting banned
Conservative farce just for selective ends

Prostitution is still illegal but brothels operate openly
Pimps of flesh trade targeting poor and lonely

Cows are safer, the women are not
Rape is now a cliche, but vigilantism is hot

A garb is all that we need to masquerade our sadistic profile
It's all sheep in here, whether rapist or pedophile

Parochial or patriarchal, Misogynist or feminist
Tags don't really matter
But is there a genuine cause to cater?

Priorities are misplaced
Only propaganda occupies space

Stripping to protest for one's right
Wonder how that strengthens the fight.

This chaos is never ending but collective amnesia will soon take over
Nobody would remember a thing and it'd be business as usual

The vicious circle will go into repetition
A new chapter of blatant lies and a farrago of distortions

These thoughts expressed, they won't even see the light
Ridiculed as conjecture
As worthiness demands, the credentials being right

Enough said already, no second thought
Your prerogative, 'Like it or Not'!


© 2017 Ashutosh Joshi

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