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Distorted Voices

Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.

Distorted radio for distorted voices

Distorted radio for distorted voices

A hateful, little man,

given the mic,

screams at the world,

lambasting those

he dislikes,

name calling those

he loathes.


Tinfoil warrior

poisons the mind

with flat-Earth theories

and snake-oil


he’s hawking for a fortune…

Or two.


They yell and scream

about some socialist regime,

while having fascist dreams.


All the while, there are those

that cling to their words

Ready to go.

Ready to act

upon the words

of these cons.


These distorted voices,

flooding the airwaves

with vile and hate,

mixed in with



All the while,

their minions are

clawing for more

to affirm nefarious truths

they possess.


The mess these voices

have brought:





How will this end?


It can

when these minions

wake up from the delusional

drivel these voices push.


And turn off that radio.

Turn off that podcast

and let that poison die

in the white noise of

radio static.


© 2022 Dean Traylor

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