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I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.


Agony crumbles me into nothingness
anguish settles like a misty fog
despair thrusts its tentacles into my mind
Now these emotions
deep within
Twist​ed​ up and torn
discomfort thwarts me from any respite
I'm a prisoner of my mind,
an aching body of disillusionment,
gloom shrouds my vision
grief envelopes me like a shroud
hardship constrains me
headache throbs with unerring fatigue
heartache stabs my soul with viciousness
passion dies within my aching heart
sadness consumes my vision
sorrow engulfing my life
The soul is alone and the world silent; In deepest pain, I cry alone silence like a knife Can leave jagged wounds
squalor seeping like tendrils of dissociation
suffering..... Silently alone
Alone like a star in the universe
orbiting murmers on the solar wind
Where only darkness sinks in inky black
torment aches incessantly in my memories
torture of self resignation rips my peace
Pain is just an emotion
that smites the smile to freeze
woe drags me down the black abyss
I drink water from puddles filtered through blood
I see images through tears speckled by mud
worry smothers me with self doubt
aches continues to be prolonged
blues tunelessly whistle through my lips
depression swamps me with continual afront
desolation has me bound in chains of pain
despondency shouts for acceptance
distress rallies with discord and apathy
hurting continuesly makes my nerves fray
melancholy Speckles my eyes with fever
pang pushes me unmovingly
stitch has my muscles in spasm
twinge causes me to twitch spasmodically
unhappiness springs like a frozen fountain
worriment scrapes my heart with twisted tears
Even when whispere​d​
tears are wept
They hold no great
secret kept
wretchedness enfolds me like rotted sackcloth
bad news is the only description of how I feel.

© 2020 Mark

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