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Disinterested Heart

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Eye to eye they wert

But not mind to mind

Side by side they wert sited

Different thoughts though run through their minds

She however thinks otherwise

But she was mistaken

Her thought was carried out

Initiated a chat with him

The more she chats with him

The more he remains mute

She often waves at him

But he never did wave back once

He started fleeing when he sees her coming

She pursues him but could not meet him

When she pulls him

He frees himself from her hands

The more she tries to bridge the gap

The more he widens the gap

he usually frowns when she smiles

He pushes her off when she ttries embracing him

He often turns down her gift

When occasion puts them side by side on a pew

he looks stern never smiling

yet her mind was with him

But his mind was never on her

What can I do to win you over she thought

But no ready answer come to her mind

Because she has tried all her best winning him

Yet she has failed on all the instances