Discovery of the Self

Updated on January 12, 2019

Deep within myself
Lies a different “me”
Who is untouched
By my nuances
My happiness, my sorrow.
He watches as I make mistakes
And the same mistakes
And the same mistakes again
Mistakes that lead to my happiness
Then sorrow.
But he remains silent
Sometimes he gives
Me subtle hints
A glimpse of a path
But filled with promise
I try to
Walk that path
But it’s difficult
Due to changing needs
That divulges me
From my path
I am trying to walk
That path even now
But God those screamers
Whose voice is so
Tempting to hear
They offer a clear path
Without hindrance
But Alas! After a short
While I found myself
Standing on the edge of a cliff
Compelled to make a decision
Not so with his path
Though I tread slow
Atop rugged terrain
Covered with fog
Always there is certainty
of a blessing nearby
gentle consoling voices
that inspire me
to go ahead
breaking the fog
but the screamers
never go away
And in the end
I am torn
Between paths
Only that
When I am forced
To jump from that cliff
I always find
The ocean
Whose tides
Return me to shore
To start over again
And the glimpse
Of his path
Beckon me once more
I do not know
What lies on the other
Side but still those blessings
and those soft whispers
of solace
Reinforce my hope
To move on.

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      • AdamMason113 profile image

        Adam Mason 

        16 months ago from Melbourne, Australia

        Stronger everyday although such an unpleasant burden to carry.

        God just wants the best for us and understands. So deep and I really enjoyed this metaphor

        "When I am forced

        To jump from that cliff

        I always find

        The ocean

        Whose tides

        Return me to shore

        To start over again".

      • maven101 profile image


        16 months ago from Northern Arizona

        The accumulation of little victories provide the base of ultimate victory in self-actualization...A poet has writ "Gather ye Rosebuds, while ye may"...I prefer "Carpe Diem" when I wake in the morning...Seize the Day and all of its challenges and rewards, both spiritual and physical...Give yourself permission to explore the world through a lens of your own creation, rather than what is presented to you...

        Your lament is a universal lament that accepts the way things are, rather than how they would be with your gentle prodding and curiosity...Take that risk of failure and turn it into a tiny victory...Carpe Diem, my friend...Larry


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