Discovering the Ultimate Punchline

Updated on December 12, 2019
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Found several occasions to smile about pleasantness

Sometimes considerably hard to find humor in everything

Especially when feeling so cynical about faith in humanity

Disappointed and burned one too many times by fellow man

Was accused of being happy once, but not sure if that was true

Just felt a need to be silly over the randomness of the week day

Don't wake up and see technicolor and hear singing birds

That would earn anyone a quick trip to a padded cell

Mainly working hard and getting through each day

With a modicum level of sanity intact and expectations really low

Won't be defeated when friends and neighbors fall short of them

Left room for the once in a blue moon surprise to sneak in

Cause a genuinely nice ruckus to an otherwise humdrum existence

Realized that life wasn't just about routines and gags

An actual story was involved in the subtext

Something that not many stand-up comedians can grasp

Usually reaching for punchlines and stale frat boy humor

Securing lukewarm laughs when others are getting specials on cable

Creating half-baked personas that were likely more true to life

Than they were willing to admit to prospective partners

Recently got out of a two year prison sentence with one failed comic

Who had some comedy books published by a small company

Read one and thought the humor was only mildly amusing

Rest was the same old stuff executed before by better comics

Who didn't drop their comedic humor bomb too soon or wrong way

Disposed of literary reminder of this joke of a person in recycle bin

No one would want to buy; let alone read it for free

Searching for better ways to find decent and legitimate comedy

Need try harder to find a reason to laugh properly

Even at the most mundane of affairs

An hour's long trip to the DMV can be decently funny

With the right material to set-up the joke and a knockout punchline

Delivering the final blow when everyone was rolling over with laughter

Needed a dose of much needed sorely lacking optimism

Defeated by the haves and the have nots too many times

Battle sore and weary from fighting unnecessary wars

Ready for some peace, quiet and holiday cheer

Some goodwill towards fellow man would be an added bonus

Unsure how that will play out though with the goodwill part

Trouble finding the opposite species very trustworthy

Due to Mr. Not So Funny hogging up the airwaves

With some inappropriate jokes and a brash attitude

Made it hard to digest and see past to anyone better

Looking to close both eyes and wait for the clouds to clear

Let the sun shine though and hopefully bring a new outlook

Generate a new future that only looks ahead and not back.

Looking to see past those white fluffy clouds.
Looking to see past those white fluffy clouds.


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