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Discovered Love In the Wilderness of Love Part 2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Introductory Word

This is the second in this series.

Some things beauty keep many wondering, whether the person or thing is from another planet and has been dropped by the angels to the planet to show forth God wonder...

None can take its

Eyes off this paragon

Called beauty in reality.

Anyone who says he sees

Nothing in that wilderness

Must have something terribly

Affecting its cerebral cortex

Yea, the blind folks

Know she is suigeneris

Among all trees situated

In the wilderness called life

Outside these she also does

Protect shrubs and other

Animals on the ground

From scorching sun

Men and other animals

Found her reliable because

It is like a pillar

That could be rested on


The income per individual

Tree in the wilderness

Was taken into account

Yea statisticians from their

Analysis and findings report

Thay her income far exceeds

Other trees, therefore, strongly

Counseled the authorities of the

Need to always protect her

Protect her from assaults

Soldier ants, fire, animals

And other things that could

Harm her, yea, force her

Into extinction in the wilderness

She should be protected

From erosion, lest nutrients

Be washed off the soil

And it starts withering...


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