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Discovered Love In the Wilderness of Life Part 6

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Introductory Words

When things of joy happen to a man, things one has left hope of happening to a man one begins to cry.

When people around see the person crying they would be marveled and some will ask for why the person is crying for that has not called for crying but for rejoicing.

However some who have inkling into the person's past would say the person's cry is that of joy.


This uncommon attraction

Meets with stiffer oppositions

From the powerful

But the most attracted

And the outcast tree

Say they shall die together

Most attracted says it

Is better she lost all

Than not dying with

The ridiculed tree

The lonely tree lost

Many things because of

Its decision but it

Never relents saying

"It is seeing what others

Do not see in the Outcast"

One day, the paragon of beauty

Meets the Outcast crying

It thought it has grieved

Its heart and pause to ask it question

"Why criest thou?" The Paragon

Of beauty asks from the Outcast

It replies that it does not know

Why Paragon of Beauty loves it

Out of all trees in the wilderness of Life

The once Lonely tree heaved a sigh

Of relieve, saying it thought it had

Grieved the Outcast and wasn't happy with it

To answer thine question it says

I am your love and heart,

I will do everything to make you


"The journey is yet far

Do you think you can

Do this?" The Forsaken asks

"If you can do it,

I can and will do it"

The Most Beautiful One replied

"This still baffles me" the Outcast says

Together they continue

Not minding what outsiderssay

Praying to the Most Divine to

Shower Mercies on Them,

Prosper their ways and

Bless Them with every

Good things of life

When the coast is cleared



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