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Discovered Love In the Wilderness of Life Part 4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Introductory Words

When trouble comes (which elders say cannot but come along one's path on earth) and the trouble becomes overwhelming people tend to lose hope on the person affected. Sometimes too, depending on the degree of the troubles afflicting the person, such a one too would lose hope in him/herself and will wish for death more than continue to be in existence.

This is the fourth in this short series.

Then comes a tree who

Was once honored, loved

Respected and being looked

Forward and upward to by all

Within the wilderness to

Bring glory to the wilderness

But this tree lost all

Because it trusted people

Too much

After it had lost all then

It was being looked down upon

Disdained, ridiculed,

And cast out from

Among its peers forsooth

From camp of glory among

The wilderness of life.


This incident made him

Sick because everywhere

He runs to he finds no

Assistance whatsoever

It miserably moves around

Seeking for a branch

To lean on, seeking for

A tree to be associated with

Seeking a tree to call his'

He sadly found none

For decades, because

No one sees light behind

Its tunnel, no one thinks

A good thing can ever be

Spoken about it again

All its glories had been

Used up, manipulated during

Its growing days, no peak it again

It is going into extinction


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