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Discovered Love In the Wilderness of Life Part 3

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Introductory Word

Pride of a thing, place, family, country etc brings joy to the place and other things of note such does.

This is the third in this series.

She is the pride

Of the wilderness

Everyone says that

Other trees who felt

They should be made

And should be called

The Pride of the wilderness

The most beautiful one

And be crowned the King of trees

Gathered together against her

And would not speak well of her

When they noticed she

Was neither moved nor

Became ruffled by their

Dispositions to her

They changed "gear" and

Started employing other means

To attack the beauty personified


Though they made her

Cry on many occasions

Because their attacks

Hidden and revealed

Do have negative impacts on her mind

The Divine allows some

Of their attacks to hit her

So she would know that

Life is a place of war

Despite her cries, wailings

Her toils, she yet

Overcame them all because

Of her in built

Though she attracts many

But she did not yield

Herself to them

For she has learnt

Though in a bitter way

That she needs apply wisdom

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