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Discovered Love In the Wilderness of Life Part 1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Introductory Words

Sometimes some people do not find their love easily, they pass through "hell" before finding that special person in their lives, someone they can and will call theirs'.

When they eventually find such a one, to them, they will think they are yet dreaming for how it happens do surprise them.

When they eventually come off their positions and believed they are no longer dreaming, they become happy and give their partners wonderful experience of love on earth.

On another note in the world we equally discover that there are people who have no experience however meagre it is about some things who are promising in all departments of their lives. Like flowers with good scent they attract different insects to themselves but do not give themselves to those insects though being pressured to do so.

However it is discovered that such naïve ones become attracted by different things and would become involved with who people least expect they will be involved with because such ones are those who make them happy, give them joy they have been craving, praying and expecting for long.

This work is simply imaginative and I hope lovers of good works will enjoy this work.

Thank you.

There is a lone tree

In the wilderness of life

This tree stands tall

Among its peers

This tree stands unique

In the wilderness of life

Where it is located

Intriguingly, this tree

With some centimeters

Exceeded all trees in

This wilderness called life

From a very far distance

Anyone could isolate this

Tree where it is situated

Apart from it's height

It is clear that this

Tree is one of the

Beauties that attracts

All to this wilderness


The beauty it parades

Stems out of the

Divine deposits in her

Those Divine deposits

Oozes out uncommon buds

Flowers with different colors

This essentially makes her

A paragon of beauty to

Behold by all and sundry

Virtually everything pauses

Whatsoever they are doing

To behold the works of

The Most Divine on her

Those who had passed

Looked back again and again

To bow within them

To the works of nature

Works of Most Divine

On this tree....


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