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Discourse with the Devil

The Devil:
"I am the sweetest fruit,
The true satisfaction;
Embrace the only truth
That I am thy action"

"Evil, thou art no sweet!
Plaguing sins to the men;
From good, demons retreat,
Neglected by Heaven"

The Devil:
"Laughs for thee, the blinded;
Thou know'st not who to pray;
Thy words, never heeded
By thy worshipped God, nay!"

"Prayers are ever heard
By our pure father;
He giveth wings to bird
That cries to flit higher"

The Devil:
"Is fly a metaphor
Of loose from vile chamber?
But God's voice is chained door,
Keeping freedom over!"

"Thy language is abstruse,
And I can't interpret
How thy sinful tongue use
The pow'r thou believest"

The Devil:
"I say how poor thou art,
Tied to his commandment,
Thus caged is thy true heart,
Lost desire in judgement"

"My soul has true purpose:
Hold the love and relive;
Not to hear temptations,
Says holy narrative"

The Devil:
"The narrative is lie!
Eternal life is false,
Apocalypse is nigh!
And I will collect souls"

"Know me as thy father,
And bathe in joy and gold;
Obey me, no other,
And show thy dark in bold"

"Thy song is not ample
To seize my whole feelings,
For faith in my temple,
Buffing the silver wings"

"Wherefore I am a son
If disdain obedience,
Spake no more, Satan,
Evil demon, go hence!

© 2019 Eyji Noblesmith

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